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What is Nutritional Coaching?

Nutritional coaching holds paramount importance in our quest for better health and well-being. It serves as a compass, guiding individuals toward informed dietary choices and a sustainable relationship with food. In a world awash with nutritional information, a qualified coach acts as a trusted navigator, simplifying complexities and tailoring advice to individual needs.

Beyond weight management, nutritional coaching enhances energy levels, sharpens mental clarity, and bolsters overall vitality. It equips individuals with the knowledge and tools to make nourishing decisions, steering clear of fad diets and quick fixes. This guidance extends far beyond the realm of calories and macros, delving into the psychology of eating, habits, and mindful consumption.

Ultimately, nutritional coaching is an investment in long-term health, helping individuals build resilience against chronic diseases, promote optimal performance, and cultivate a profound sense of well-being that transcends numbers on a scale or temporary trends.

Nutrition Coaching Packages and Pricing

Single Session, No Meal Plan

  • 1-hour session for $125.
  • Best suited for those who require minor adjustments to their eating habits without a personalized meal plan.

2 Sessions with Meal Plan

  • 1-hour session for $125.
  • Additional up to 35-minute meal planning session, including a personalized monthly meal plan and shopping list, for $150.
  • Total cost for both sessions: $275.
  • Ideal for individuals seeking minor adjustments to their eating habits along with a detailed personalized meal plan.

Considering Follow-Up Sessions?

Your decision to opt for follow-up sessions depends on your unique nutritional needs and goals.

You have the option to choose follow-up sessions after completing either the ‘Single Session, No Meal Plan’ or the ‘2 Sessions with Meal Plan’. This choice can be made once you’ve assessed your needs post the initial sessions.

Follow-Up Sessions

To engage in follow-up sessions, it’s essential to first complete either the ‘Single Session, No Meal Plan’ or the ‘2 Sessions with Meal Plan’. This foundational step is crucial as it provides necessary background information and insights to effectively guide you in follow-up sessions.

Follow-Up Session Details

Each follow-up session lasts up to 35 minutes, focusing on various aspects of your nutritional journey.

Single Follow-Up Session – $80

  • Ideal for brief check-ins, meal plan adjustments, and queries.
  • Best for those who prefer single-session payments.

Bundle of 3 Follow-Up Sessions – $225 (Paid in Full; $75 per session)

  • Suitable for ongoing support, addressing challenges, and making moderate adjustments.
  • Perfect for moderate weight loss, minor digestive issues, muscle gain, or a blend of health and nutrition concerns.

Bundle of 5 Follow-Up Sessions – $350 (Paid in Full; $70 per session)

  • Tailored for those seeking regular support and significant adjustments.
  • Ideal for significant weight loss, more complex digestive issues, disordered eating support, or a mix of health and nutrition concerns.


One-Month Meal Planning Menu – $150

  • Includes a tailored one-month meal plan with recipes and a shopping list.
  • Ideal for those seeking a short-term, structured nutritional guide.

Two-Month Meal Planning Menu – $285

  • Offers a detailed two-month meal plan, complete with recipes and a shopping list.
  • Perfect for individuals looking for extended guidance and variety in their diet.

Three-Month Meal Planning Menu – $425

  • Provides an extensive three-month meal planning guide, including diverse recipes and a comprehensive shopping list.
  • Best suited for those committed to a longer-term nutritional journey with varied meal options.