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What is Board Certified Health Coaching?

A board-certified health coach is a dedicated professional who combines expertise in preventive lifestyle medicine with specialized services for individuals grappling with chronic health issues. They possess a deep understanding of nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and behavior change. For those seeking to prevent health problems, they offer tailored guidance to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle, minimizing the risk of chronic conditions.

Simultaneously, they play a crucial role in assisting those already dealing with chronic health issues. With empathy and personalized support, they help individuals manage their conditions more effectively. This includes developing strategies for medication adherence, assisting with dietary modifications, and crafting exercise regimens that align with medical recommendations.

In essence, a board-certified health coach bridges the gap between prevention and management, empowering clients to lead healthier lives and navigate the challenges of chronic health conditions with confidence and resilience.

Health Coaching Packages and Pricing

Starting with an Initial Consultation

  • Every health coaching journey begins with an initial consultation session, priced at $125. This 1-hour session sets the foundation for your personalized health coaching plan.
  • Each follow-up session lasts up to 35 minutes, focusing on your health goals and strategies to achieve them.

Available Health Coaching Packages

One-Month Package

    • Includes the initial consultation and two sessions per month.
    • Total cost: $285 (Initial consultation: $125 + Two sessions: $160).

Two-Month Package

    • Comprises the initial consultation and four sessions over two months.
    • Discounted total cost: $400 (Initial consultation: $125 + Four sessions: $320; normally $425).
    • This package offers a slight discount as a commitment incentive.

Three-Month Package

    • Encompasses the initial consultation and six sessions across three months.
    • Discounted total cost: $510 (Initial consultation: $125 + Six sessions: $480; normally $545).
    • Opting for this package provides a more substantial discount, encouraging a longer-term commitment.

Additional Service: Single Follow-Up Sessions

  • For those who have completed the initial consultation, single follow-up sessions are available.
  • These sessions are perfect for clients needing occasional guidance post the package completion.
  • Follow-up sessions are priced at $80 per session.

Each health coaching package is designed to offer flexibility and support tailored to individual health and wellness goals. Whether you’re seeking short-term guidance or longer-term coaching, these packages provide structured support with the benefit of discounted rates for extended commitments.